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Adriatica Senior Living is now Bell Tower Reserve. Read More

We are excited to officially introduce our new overarching “Bell Tower” branding for Draper and Kramer’s two properties within Adriatica Village. St. Paul’s Square is now known as Bell Tower Flats, and Adriatica Senior Living is renamed Bell Tower Reserve.

Our goal with the rebranding was to communicate the connection between these two buildings, which not only neighbor each other but also both offer the same high level of service and quality residential experience our Draper and Kramer management team prides itself on delivering. The Bell Tower brand conveys that relationship and the fact that these properties share some staff and operations, while also reflecting the individual identifies of the two communities and the distinct lifestyles they offer. You may have already noticed that we introduced new logos and signage differentiating the properties by color scheme, with green for Bell Tower Flats and blue for Bell Tower Reserve.

The Bell Tower Reserve logo.

Looking across the lake at the Bella Donna Chapel at Adritica. The water is smooth, like glass and the reflection of the chapel is seen clearly. The foundation is stone as is the chapel. Trees are seen far off on the other side of the lake.

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